• Fine Arts and Music – The Cedar Chapel Special School Art and Music Program are easily motivated by the use of various art media and music instruments. As our “artists” and “musicians” experiment with media, concepts such as color, shape, line, balance, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and tone color develop. It becomes obvious that the process of art and music is just as important as the product of art and music. For our very special students, art and music becomes a voice for silent thoughts and provides an alternate outlet for self-expression.


  • Adapted Physical Education – Students are offered many opportunities to interact with their classmates and participate in an adapted physical education program. This structured program is designed to meet the special needs of each student.



  • Adapted Aquatics Program – Warm water (typically between 89 and 93 degrees) provides a calm and relaxing, yet motivating and unique environment. In water children are able to complete functional activities that they may not be able to on land. In aquatic therapy it is assumed that the increased function in the water will carry over to increased function on land. Research indicates that aquatic therapy has produced functional outcomes in fewer therapy sessions than land based therapy.

       Reasons for Use: 

  • Performing therapy in a warm water environment assists with muscle relaxation, tone reduction and pain control. 
  • Provides freedom of movement, promotes movement in a reduced gravity environment 
  • A therapist can utilize the properties of water to address strength, motor control, proprioception (knowing where an extremity is in space), conditioning, endurance, edema, range of motion and coordination concerns.
  • Promotes activities of daily living 5. Encourages vocalization and verbalization


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